A passion project that's been a long time coming

June 25, 2018

Some things take me quite a long time to get around to.  Others...not so much.

Friends and family have been begging me for as long as I can remember to do a blog to post about my endeavors in travel, fashion, home decorating, cooking, and all of the other things I am interested in.  But, now that I am on day five of my husband's 400-day deployment, I thought this would be a great passion project to keep myself busy.  Self care, amiright?

As we recently returned from a month of travel across the globe - including two weddings - I'll be posting very soon about eloping (twice!) and my endeavors to become the best darn Army wife ever.  But here's a sneak peek.  Yes, I am gratuitously sharing wedding photos, but who wouldn't when you get married in Paris?!?!

I also love a good home decorating/remodel project so you'll see a lot of that on here, too.  And shoes.  And inspirational quotes.  And champagne.  

I hope you'll grab a glass of bubbly and join me on this adventure!


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