A Tale of Two Weddings - Paris

July 24, 2018

Part three of The Story of Us. After a fairytale wedding in NYC on May 19, we woke up in our amazing suite at the Plaza Hotel on Sunday and got ready for our voyage to Europe that evening. Herschel's daughter, Brooke, who I absolutely adore to pieces, also joined us for the trip on to Paris.

Lunch at The Plaza the day after our NYC wedding
After enjoying champagne (if you haven't noticed, we adore champagne) and a very late lunch at The Plaza, it was time to depart NYC for Newark Liberty Airport where we caught our 8:00 PM flight on La Compagnie airline for a direct, business class flight to Paris. (Note, I love travel and it is one of the subjects about which I will write on this blog so stay tuned for a separate post in the future with my experience and review of this fabulous way to travel to the City of Lights).

Enjoying the spoils of the first class lounge at EWR 
Paris bound!
Herschel and his beloved pancakes :)
This was Herschel and Brooke's first time to the City of Lights and I was so excited to share my favorite place in the world with them (and eat lots of wonderful food and drink lots of champagne). Our flight took off on time and after a restful yet quick flight, we landed in Paris around 9:30 AM local time.

Ready to get off the plane! 
La Compagnie airlines - my favorite way to travel to France
Just as everything happened to align the stars for our perfect wedding in New York, we had the most stunningly beautiful Parisian weather all week. We planned our wedding in Paris for the end of the week so we would have plenty of time to sleep off the jet lag and enjoy our time before the flurry of another day of nuptials.

In addition to shopping and putting my favorite Paris travel book to good use at some great restaurants during the week, we toasted champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower, took a cruise on the Seine, visited museums, and enjoyed two day trips outside the city to see the French countryside. Here are some photos from the week leading up to the wedding (and from our trip to Champagne).

Cruising on the Seine
When in Paris... 
Wearing my new Dior scarf as we head out for the evening on our first night
Wine tasting in Alsace region
My favorite town in Alsace - Riquewihr
On the bridge in old town Colmar
Croque Monsieur...noms! 
Yes. I went twice. Because...Dior. 
Taking an "old fashioned" photo in front of the Paris Opera
Kiss on the Eiffel Tower
Cathedral Notre Dame
On a tour at Moet Chandon in Epernay, France (Champagne Region)
We *might* have brought some back with us
Favorite street ever!
Champagne tasting?  Yes, please!

Our Wedding in Paris

Friday, May 25, 2018. 5:00 AM Paris time. Brooke and I woke early in time to have our hair and makeup done for what was to be another very fancy affair. After having room service breakfast (read: lots of espresso), and enjoying a couple of hours of pampering, our van arrived to pick us up and take us to the ceremony location.

It was an absolutely stunning Parisian day.  Even though we were married already, nothing could prepare me for the butterflies and excitement I felt as we pulled up in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Brooke getting her hair and makeup done by Onorina
Bridal look by Onorina
I snapped this right before we got out of the car - so pretty!
My handsome groom bedecked in his new tuxedo
Brooke ready for "bridesmaid" duties (she rocked!)
After meeting with our wedding celebrant/coordinator and the rest of her team (photographer and videographer), we walked across the Champs de Mars and found a shaded and secluded spot just southeast of the Eiffel Tower.  We took a few photos before the ceremony started in order to capture some ridiculous lighting.

Aude then started the ceremony, which was completely customized and a wonderful surprise as she had surveyed both of us in the weeks leading up to our trip to France.  It was a beautiful celebration of our love, including things we had never before said to each other about when we first met, a beautiful reading, and vows Herschel and I had written to one another.  In true Paris form, Aude conducted the reading of our commitment vows to one another in French.

The happiest day of my life 

Once the ceremony concluded, we took a tour of Paris to some of her most famous landmarks for pictures, and then joined our group at the hotel to share cake and champagne with them.  They had a LOT of fun photographing my wedding shoes :)

On the Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge
Pont Alexandre III bridge
Below the Pont Alexandre III bridge
Our first family photo :)
On the Esplanade des Invalides
Overlooking the Eiffel Tower from Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Our FAVORITE champagne - Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Brut
The pink Christian Louboutins I bought months before even planning to get married
Strawberry Champagne cake by Synies Paris
This was my fourth time visiting the City of Lights.  It was a powerful trip for many reasons...getting to bond with my new stepdaughter, marrying the man of my dreams, introducing both of them to my favorite city. But most importantly, Paris solidified itself as "home" for me.  

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