It's the Little Things

July 02, 2018

Week one of the deployment is officially in the books.  53 more to go.  It's definitely going to be a long haul.  This week was difficult for many reasons...getting back into a work routine, figuring out what needs to be done around the house, and then the harder things like missing Herschel and being alone after being together almost 24/7 for the past two months.

I was able to accomplish a lot at work, do a lot of laundry, and have several snuggle sessions with Rugby.  I even did my hair and makeup every day (even though I didn't need to because I work from home and that is great in and of itself) so I'd look nice for our evening FaceTime chats.  But I really struggled with holding myself accountable to doing anything other than working, which was the whole reason for my self-care list.

Going to bed, for instance. I am a night owl in every sense of the word. And when I lived alone before marrying Herschel, I got into a bad habit of not going to bed until the very wee hours of the morning.  This is obviously not conducive to an early morning of working out, drinking espresso, and easing into my day, which is what I set out to do after the deployment.  Baby steps, right?

By Wednesday, I was feeling pretty crappy about failing my plan to stick to a morning and evening routine.  It seemed so overwhelming because I was trying to start and do so many things at once.  And when I do that, it's like all the balls fall at one time.

So I chose to find one thing that I really enjoyed and start was my morning cup of espresso.

I love espresso so much that I could write poems about it (maybe I should...Ode to Espresso)! Every morning I would plod down to the espresso machine, brew a double espresso, return to the warmth of my bed, and enjoy the peace of the morning.

I took solace in that little tiny cup of happiness. And sometimes that's where you need to start when you are having trouble knowing how and when to start a new routine, or perhaps you are going through an especially difficult time in life. It's the little things to enjoy in those times.

Thank you, espresso, for helping me get through this week.

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  1. Do you listen to the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast? I think you would really like it. I’ve gotten some great tips, life hacks, and just a different ways of looking at things. One of the episodes talked about setting an alarm for bedtime.

    Thinking of you <<< hugs >>>

    1. Hi Katie! No but I am definitely going to check it out! That is also a great idea about setting an alarm to remind me to go to bed. I will try implementing that. Thanks again for reading and following along. You are so kind!


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