A big serving of small potatoes on September 11

September 11, 2018

I took this photo at the 9/11 monument in June 2017
It's been a few weeks since I posted anything, and I am writing this for all of you who ask regularly about Herschel and how he's doing.

What is a day of mourning and stark remembrance for people in the United States on September 11, is apparently a holiday worth celebrating for the Taliban.  There were four separate attacks on Bagram air field today.  Three of them were overnight, and the other was while Herschel was walking outside to his room for lunch.  These attacks are gaining in intensity and frequency.

I find myself incredibly angry at the media and politicians for painting a picture that everything is fine in Afghanistan when it is not.  The situation has been deteriorating over the last several weeks as the Taliban gains ground, weapons and bases from the Afghan troops.  Some of whom don't want to be fighting alongside the United States.  (This example is just one of many that have happened since we have been installed in Afghanistan).

17 years later, and we are STILL over there fighting the same war.  Think about it - an entire generation of young people in our country don't know the world without a war in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile back at home...

They say everything that can go wrong "back at home" during a deployment does go wrong.  My dryer is out, there is water running into the basement, my beloved cat Rugby is acting out in terrible ways at having a new cat introduced into our household once Herschel and I got married, the car dealership did something wrong when my tires were rotated and now the rotors need replaced...and the list seems to continue to grow.

Daily I say to myself (and honestly it's multiple times somedays) "in the big scheme of things, this doesn't matter."  Yes, Rugby may have peed on my couch because he's unhappy with the new cat.  There are experts who can come clean it.  And I can get a new dryer if I have to.  None of this is the end of the world.

There are 2,977 people who aren't with their families today because they were murdered 17 years ago in the attacks on 9/11.

And closest to home...Herschel is ok.  He's made it another day.  The rest is small potatoes.

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