Giving Yourself Permission to Dream

February 18, 2019

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Have you ever felt like you are on the brink of something REALLY BIG?

Know what feeling I'm talking about?  Like, you know it's going to be awesome and you can just FEEL it with every fiber of your being?  That somehow, despite all your efforts to keep going with all of the other stuff you have to do every day, there's still part of you inside whispering, "Psssssstttt...there's untapped potential in here?"

I was 27 when I first heard that voice.  I remember the day in almost explicit detail.  I was sitting in my office where I was working as the marketing manager for a local credit union at the time, and I was visioning the type of organization we could be.  This was a couple of months after I joined my first mastermind group and was also under the tutelage of my first unofficial mentor (fist bump for you, Rich!)

For most of my adult and professional life, I didn't think much of my ability to look inside people and organizations and see them not just how they were, but how they could ultimately be if they stopped limiting themselves.  My boss back then even joked about my forward-thinking nature giving him whiplash.  I had an innate ability to do that with other people and with organizations (that's how I make a living these days), but didn't apply those skills to myself until a few years, and even a few more major setbacks, later.

That gut feeling eventually developed into a major culture-shift project that I spearheaded, which spanned three years and earned me and the credit union many state and national awards.

Fast forward a couple of years later when I started to feel that familiar tapping on the shoulder and voice in my ear...only this time it was louder and more persistent.  My second mentor had tasked me with an exercise called a "25 Dream List" where I was supposed to write down 25 things I wanted to do, experience, have, or see in my life.  Not one for amorphous activities, I had a tough time with this one.

Andy knew what he was doing, though.  He knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur before I would even admit it to myself.  The list in front of me painted clear as day a picture of an entrepreneurial life from not having a morning commute to "owning a company where people love to work."  It was this exercise (and the alignment of more than a few stars) that hurled me into entrepreneurship, which has honestly been the biggest dream of my life.

Fast forward five years later and my company has experienced explosive growth year after year, and I wake up feeling blessed and excited every day to get to work with a great team and clients who inspire me.
So why is this darn voice back again???? Now??? Why???

I don't know what it is just yet, but there is something inside of me that is screaming to get out.  A voice that wants to be heard.  An energy that wants to manifest into whatever it wants to be.  It's like the drums of Jumanji, but, unlike all those times before in my life, I am going to listen.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do is learn to give myself permission.  Permission to dream.  Permission to dream after I had already accomplished even my biggest dreams.

I'm going to be real with you: I didn't think I had the right to dream anything more or anything bigger!  So this post is my public way of saying, "Yes I have given myself permission!  I have the right to dream new and bigger dreams and, more importantly, the right to chase after them!"

I say all this to tell you that this feeling is not a fluke, not an accident, and not something you need to ignore.  If you have this voice inside of your passion trying to let its horses run, listen to it!  You absolutely 100% need to dream.  You absolutely 100% need to pursue your passions.  You are the only one who can because your dreams are uniquely you.

What do you need to give yourself permission for?  I would love to hear it and help support you in your dreams.


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